Crystal healing and the awesome experience of starting our business!

What an amazing experience we have had since the incorporation of our beloved business – Majestic Creations!

We formed our business because just like many other people around the world covid has had an impact on our lives. It created uncertainty in our full time jobs and it still presents a whole host of issues today with regards to vaccination status and travel limitations as a consequence. In our opinion the covid topic has turned in to something that is somewhat contentious and so we will just state for the record that we believe that everyone with good intensions in this world should have a choice about how they chose to live their life. We will never discriminate against anyone for the decisions they take to protect themselves and so we can only ask from others that they too respect ours.

With the above in mind this is why we started our business. We want to take back control in our lives and do something that makes us truly happy. That’s the amazing position we now find ourselves in, transitioning from full time jobs working for big corporations to managing our own family business and loving every second of it.

Find something you love doing every day and you will never work a day in your life!

For those that have followed us from day 1 you will see that we have diversified and adapted to the demand of our faithful customers. We now offer such a diverse range of crystal and gemstone jewellery found here that we have begun to focus on new ideas that incorporate a variety of healing crystals getting the most out of the unique qualities they possess. We have also teamed up with friends and family to bring innovative and creative products, for example the vintage my little pony crystal mane figurines.

If you would like to read more about the science of healing crystals you can visit our page here for more information. You can also reach out to us here.

So as we begin to expand our reach and create new products we will begin to blog more frequently and create more content.

Thank you for reading.

Majestic Creation.

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