The Power of Crystals & Gemstones

Crystals & Gemstones have been used around the globe for thousands of years.

Ancient civilisations like the Egyptians, Aztecs and Mayans believed that crystals and gemstones have healing properties that help to balance the body, mind & spirit. More recently these crystals and gemstones have been incorporated into jewellery, cosmetics, decorative ornaments and much much more.

When people talk about alternate therapies the use of crystals and gemstones is now top of the list. As mentioned already, cyrstals (fossilized minerals) are said to have some very unique properties all centered around healing. For example they can bring peace when fighting against anxiety and depression. Or they can bring love and balance in challenging situations. Crystals and gemstones are becoming so popular that even famous celebrities are now using them in their daily routines and lives.

Scientifically there is still very limited science that has been brought forward to suggest that crystals can be used effectively and reliably for healing medical conditions, however the idea of using crystals and gemstones as an alternative therapy has been proven to induce higher states of calmness and relaxation in people, all of which can help stimulate the body, mind and spirit to heal itself from within. The crystals and gem stones can also act as a placebo which is 100% scientifically proven to help all medical treatments.

As for the physical properties of crystals and gemstones each has their own unique vibration and frequency. This is due to their molecular composition and how they have been formed within the earth’s crust. From the way the particles interact with each other the vibrations work by uplifting the mood and health of the individual whilst holding the crystals; similar to the way we use aromatherapy to help our mood. The crystals unique vibration and the effect it has on the particles surrounding it absorb that energy and then turn it in to the same frequency as the crystal, meaning a whole new energy being radiated from that single source. We as humans can harness that energy dependent on what we require in our lives at the time.

It should also be noted that most crystals form naturally in our earth’s crust which will mean they have been affected by the energy of the moon, sun, wind and sea; so when you hold a crystal you can be assured that you are harnessing the earth’s natural energies as the elements have an impact on the formation and composition of that particular crystal.

Used in a particular way, all crystals and gemstones can improve your concentration and creativity. They can also promote physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing. Crystals vibrate at the same frequency as humans and this allows them to maximize their unique abilities when used on the human body. Because of this comforting feeling, when you place a crystal on the body, it helps you connect better and feel at ease. Balancing crystals can also help match any misaligned energy levels.

At Majestic Creations we are always looking for innovative ways that we can incorporate crystals in our daily routine. Weather it’s decorative or purposeful everyone is different on how they use crystals and that’s the greatest part of being human, we have a choice. Whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable then please continue to do that. If each and every one of us is happier as a consequence of having our crystals then that only has a positive and loving effect on our fellow brothers and sisters.

We hope you enjoy browsing some of our unique crystal products and if you require anything further please reach out.

Crystals & Gemstones have a particular vibration & frequency, which occur from their molecular composition when forming underground. From the way the particles move & interact with each other, these vibrations & energies work in benefiting & uplifting our mood, mind, and health. Its similar to the way essential oils and aromatherapy work, only with a physical crystal.

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